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3.5mm Connectors Jacks & Plugs. At Markertek, we carry a curated selection of 3.5mm jack connectors and adapters for many different devices. Whether you need a feed-through ground to keep your 3.5mm signal safe, or a locking plug that keeps your cables securely connected, we have adapters for a wide variety of situations.

3.5mm Audio Cables. Showing 40 of 10232 results that match your query. Product - FosPower Premium Durable 3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (M) Stereo Audio Aux Cable Cord Wire - 1FT. Reduced Price. Insten Universal Samsung iPhone 3.5mm Stereo Male to female Mic and Audio 3.5mm Jack cable Dual 3.5mm

If you split the flat wire and carefully strip it you should see a black (or red) wire (right) with bare copper (or green) which is ground and a white or blue wire (left) with ground as well. If you have both a black and red wire, red should be mi

For stereo and microphone headsets, things are much easier. At most you might need to split a TRRS out into separate stereo and microphone plugs to suit your laptop or computer. We have one of those baby's right here: 10cm 4-Pole TRRS to 3.5mm Stereo & Microphone Adapter. Alternatively, an OMTP/CTIA adapter can bridge the gap between a stereo

3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable Adapter - 3.5mm Female to Stereo RCA Male Bi-Directional AUX Auxiliary Male Headphone Jack Plug Y Splitter to Left/Right 2RCA Male Connector Plug Wire Cord 4.6 out of 5 stars 149

This is the 4 pin 3.5mm (2.5mm) plug connector. A TRRS connector (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) also called an audio jack, mini-jack, is a common analog audio connector.

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