Simple Mobile Phone Charger Circuit

Portable mobile charger-Circuit diagram - YouTube

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The above simple smartphone charger circuit was successfully tested with a couple of 'flat' AA rechargeable batteries. The complete battery voltage had been assessed at 2.21 volts, and the output voltage of the circuit had been tested at 5.00 volts using just one digital multimeter.

The following diagram is a simple mobile phone battery charger circuit. The design is simple, easy to build and inexpensive. It use LM78xx regulator to make regulated and stable output voltage. Mobile phone chargers offered in the marketplace are quite expensive. The circuit shown right here shows up as a low-cost option to charge cell phones

This is a Simple Noise Blanker Circuit Diagram. A noise blanker is a device that detects pulses and blocks the signal during the time of each pulse. Simple Mobile Phone Jammer Circuit Diagram Simple Battery charger 12v to 5v DC high efficiency Universal Battery Charger High-voltage

USB Mobile Charger Circuit Description: The large number of mobile batteries work on 3.6 volts 1000 to 1300mAh.These battery are combinations of three Lithium cells whose voltage rating is 1.2 volts for each. And for charging mobile quickly there is a need of 4.5 volts and current range of 300-500 mA.

Finally the entire circuit can be enclosed in a suitable plastic enclosure with two outlets for inputs and outputs each. Salient Features. Though the circuit of the DC cell phone charger described above using the 7805 IC might appear to be over simple, yet the charger made from this circuit is surely full of several salient features.

Portable mobile charger-Circuit diagram - YouTube
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